Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adventure, People, and New Experiences

Adam and I had a lovely day! We got the opportunity to sleep in a bit which is rare. . . Dexter being a young puppy needs out at all sort of unfathomable hours of the night. We got up and he had breakfast (Eggos his favorite) and I had a cup of coffee. He spent the mid-morning applying for jobs and touching base with engineers that he met at the API meeting last night. My mom is the chair of the API this year, she has been on the board for quite sometime and is finally the big boss! We are so proud of her. She looked so cute in her skirt suit at the podium directing the meeting. She introduced Adam to so many important business contacts. So Adam touched base with most of them today. In order to reward all of his hard work this morning we decided to catch a matinée! Despicable Me!

The movie was so cute, we really enjoyed our mid-day treat! After the movie we went home and Adam continued so job hunting while I cleaned up the house a bit. Then Adam and I met my mom at one of my very favorite Italian restaurants in Bakersfield, Frugatti's! Good wine and food, Great company! We really enjoyed the evening.

This is mom and I and the next photo is outside the restaurant at the entrance! We had a lovely day and enjoyed the adventure, people, and new experiences!

Come see us in California!

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