Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We are so Thankful!

This year we are so thankful for so many things! We are healthy, in love, and happy. We wanted to share with you a few things that we are thankful for this year. Trust me there are many many more things than are depicted on this post that we are thankful for. Just to share a few (not in any kind of order at all).
We are so thankful for our wedding, those who cam to support us, and that we have one another!

We are so thankful that our families got together for our wedding shower!
We had the best shower ever!

I had a wonderful Birthday party at a dueling piano bar in downtown OKC!
They sang to me!!

Adam and I got to go to our first NBA game! Then Adam went to many more with the guys!
Go Thunder!!

A mystery party/ Kendra's birthday party. So much fun was had by all.

Thankful Adam's family has been able to come visit us in California and take fun trips with us to national parks, beaches, wine tasting, and exploring new lakes!

We are thankful to have been a part of Ryan and Kendra's wedding! Our very dear friends that we miss so much.

Adam and I are so thankful for our amazing honeymoon!

Watch my mom fall in love and marry the man of her dreams.

Camping and fishing in the mountains of California.

We are thankful to have met new friends in California.
Josie and Parish.

Got involved in a wonderful church in Oklahoma City and had a close small group. We are so blessed to know these people and have them in our lives. We miss them dearly.

Took many trips to the beach! This is Pismo, one of our favorites!

Adam and I moved to California!

We adopted the cutest puppy! We love our Dexter!

Adam got to help my dad build a MEGA computer that my dad paid for! This is Adam's dream! He really enjoyed this!

A float trip in Arkansas! We camped to and really enjoyed being around friends!

As always the 4th of July at Jesse Gibson's house was a BLAST! Cold beer, Good food, Great friends, and memories we will never forget!
Adam got a surprise 25th Birthday party! Our close friends came and enjoyed a lovely cook out! He really was surprised!

We got to see the Haynes/Taylor wedding in Oklahoma! Beautiful outdoor service.

Mom and I got to spend the day wine tasting in Southern California and a trip to the beach when I flew out here on a trip this year!

Got to watch Jen and Ben get married! A beautiful couple in California. I got to fly out to this wedding when I lived in Oklahoma! My mom and I really enjoyed this!
Thank you all who have touched our lives!
We are both so blessed and thankful!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home Cooked Burger

Adam and I are in New Mexico right now with Starlyn, Jim, Zaelin, and Jim's youngest son Tim! We are enjoying family time as I am sure you are also. We are so excited about the food tomorrow and can not wait to eat. We will have lots of fun photos to post for you when we get back to Oklahoma. Until then and in the spirit of eating Adam and I wanted to share with you photos from a burger night we had last week!

His was meat and mine was veggie of course.
Nothing makes a hamburger better than some fresh pineapple on the grill!
Everyone have a happy Thanksgiving

I got a job!

Let me tell you how it happened. One of the owners of TJ Cross (the company Adam works at) invited Adam and I over to his house for dinner for the sole purpose of finding out what I would like to do and use his connections to get me a job! We enjoyed a lovely dinner with him and his wife. We discussed my history and where I would like to go in life. It was a very positive dinner. Of course I mailed Kent and his wife a thank you note for having us over. Well three weeks went by and I heard nothing from him, but did not give up yet!
I plan to make home made cinnamon rolls while we are in New Mexico for thanksgiving. The recipe makes about 60 rolls! Since I had never made them before I decided to try it out and send most of the rolls to work with Adam along with a little note. We baked for most of the day and ended up with some beautiful (too yummy for words) cinnamon rolls!

Yep, that is a wine bottle wrapped in wax paper on the upper left! I need a rolling pin for Christmas!

Mmmmm! Home made maple icing!

Well, I sent the rolls to work with Adam on Wednesday and got a lovely little e-mail from Kent the same day! He said he thought he knew of a job for me with Chevron but if they did not contact me in the next week or so to hire me he was going to have Stuart (another owner of TJ Cross) call me and work out a time to come in for an interview with them! The next day (Thursday) I get a call from Stuart and he wants me to come in for an interview on Friday! Thrilled I say of course I will be there. He goes on to say to dress casual (??what??) and that he got hired in boots and jeans! I normally have a beautiful cream skirt suit I like to wear to interviews so I am unsure of what to wear. After trying on everything I own and skyping with Sam and my dad to get their opinion, I ended up in dark jeans, nice top, cream jacket (top to the suit I just mentioned), and heels. I was so nervous about going to an interview in JEANS! However, it worked out. Stuart was in jeans along with everyone else I talked to that day. He offered me the job on the spot! My official title is going to be Project Assistant. What I am going to do is when we get a job I set a start and end date along with a budget. Then using a few complicated programs that I know nothing about I set mini goals for the Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Chemical Engineers, and so on. Right now I am not sure what the difference is between any of these jobs and the many more I am going to deal with but I guess I will figure it out. It sounds right up my ally, scheduling, organizing, managing the budget! I really look forward to starting this job on Monday the 29th! Adam and I went out for a game of pool to celebrate!
This is the "I just got a job" shot!
We enjoyed the live band and had fun people watching! I will let you know how my first day of work goes on Nov 29th!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Adam's (new to him) car!

Sorry this post is so late.
A few weeks ago Adam's dad drove out this Camro for Adam. This is the 2nd car he has ever owned in his life! Needless to say he was very excited. We had a lovely time with David while he was here, however, we only managed to snap one photo at LAX before he got on his plane. It was so nice to see him while he was here and he was a HUGE help getting the car registered and smoged.

So here it is! Everyday since Adam has started work I try to ask what his hi and low of the day were. Since he bought this car his hi has consistently been driving this to work and home!
Since we now are a two car family and we have a two car garage we thought it only made since to clean out the garage so that we could park both cars in there! It took most of the day and now the attic is packed, however both cars are in! We still have some work we need to do on the garage but we will save that for another day!
After Josie and I dropped David off at LAX we thought we would grab lunch on the Sana Monica Peer! We had a fun afternoon of playing on the outdoor equipment, lunch and drinks on the peer, and walking in the sand! This beach is only about 5 minutes away from LAX so there is no excuse not to go see it when we drop off or pick up someone from the airport! In fact yesterday Adam and I were back at this beach after a drop off at LAX!
I heart California!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Job Interview!

Well friends and family. . . it has happened. . . the long awaited job interview. Would you believe that this job interview that I have today at 3:00 is not any of the job that I have filled out 123 applications for since being in California?! Its not even a place that I have considered working since my lovely husband got a job there, but yes. . . job interview #1 is with TJ Cross! One of the owners of TJ Cross, Kent Haley, had Adam and I over to his home a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of finding out more about me and pushing me in the direction of a career! Very nice of him to take Adam under his wing like he has. Well, he calls me on Wednesday and told me that he thinks he found a job for me with Chevron as a Cost Controller and said that he was going to try to push my resume to them. Later on that day I get an e-mail from Kent that says if nothing happens with Chevron in a few days that he would like to bring me into TJ Cross for an interview as a Project Manager. On Thursday I get a call from another owner of TJ Cross Stewart, asking if I can make it into the office tomorrow (today) at 3:00 for an interview and to meet the team!
Adam and I are both very excited about this opportunity and I am looking forward to discussing the pro's and con's of this job during my interview today. See, I have foolishly purchased a nonrefundable non exchangeable ticket to Oklahoma for December 12th and will not be retuning to California until the 29th! If I do get this job I might have to forgo that ticket and buy a new (probably a lot more expensive) ticket. On the positive side I would be employed, and this job starts of as a part time job which would allow me time to get used to the working world again. Adam and I are both very excited to see what happens with this interview. I will keep everyone posted!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Skype Conference Call!

We did a Skype 3-way conference call!
Sam is left, Ryan and Kendra are right, and Adam and I below.
It took all of us many days and Skype calls to figure out how we could all view one another at the same time, but persistence pays off. We all had to download a new version of Skype. Poor Sam had to delete everything on her Mac that said Skype and start all over. But it was so worth it. Sam is in Arkansas and Ryan and Kendra are in Oklahoma. If was really neat the three different windows on the screen were all coming from three different states! Anyone out there that has Skype and wants to chat we are ready!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Zaelin's New Blog!

Zaelin created a blog! I am so excited for her to enter the vast world of blogging! Everyone should go follow so that she can find your blog easier and then follow you too! She is at
Is there anything in the world that is better than a sister?!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dinner on the beach

I asked Adam yesterday what was one of his favorite thing about our honeymoon! He listed many but among one of his favorites was the night we had dinner on the beach with our toes in the sand. As most of you know Adam and I spent our honeymoon at Sandles Resort in Jamaica! We had a lovely time and enjoyed the all you can eat, drink, and fun activities you can handle (a little too much)!

More champagne please!

Every where we went there where photographers making us kiss for a photo.... well... I guess if we have to!!!
See our yummy dessert! Everything we ate was artistically placed on our plates!

After dinner Adam and I swam out to this floating platform and shared some MORE champagne! We look cool and collected in this photo but we swam out holding my dress and the champagne above our heads so they would not get wet. Not graceful to say the least. Just us in the middle of the ocean! (or 20ft off the coast)! But it was dark so it felt like the middle.

Happily Ever After!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our first Ball!

Adam and I were really excited to attend the Oil Barons Ball this year. It is a fun event put on at the end of each year by the API (American Potrolium Institute). Since Adam was an active member this year after we moved out here to California we got to go. This whole evening is a, thank you for all your hard work, kind of thing.

Adam and I, ready for a night out on the town! Thank you dad for the dress!
Adam is trying to take a picture of my hair. I wish we had gotten a better picture of it. This was the first time I ever attempted doing an up-do myself and it turned out really well if I do say so myself! You will just have to take my word for it because there is no picture for evidence.
The Band was rock'en! They played mostly oldies but we really enjoyed getting out there and dancing, we even did the conga line and the electric slide!

and the dance floor was hopping. This is what it looked like from the second the band started up. Men untucked their shirts and women took off their shoes (that means business!).

Well after an amazing meal, meeting new fun people, enjoying some wine, and dancing the night away it was time to go home. We were some of the last people to leave!
Mom and Jim partied on the dance floor for most of the night! We all had such a wonderful time!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Happy Halloween

Adam's pumpking is the one that is throwing up on the porch. The night that we actually had the trick or treaters come by he put the pumpkins insides falling out of the mouth. It was a boy pumpkin for sure! He carved his pumpkin with out any type of stencil! The rest of us cheated!

While we carved our pumpkins and roasted our pumpkin seeds we had 2 different types of pumpkin ale! They were delicious! Then we had pumpkin spice cake for dessert (thank you Zaelin for the recipe). With all the nutrition classes she has, many of which are cooking labs, she always has a fun recipe to share! So long story short we had pumpkin everything that night!

I made a Bentley puppy pumpkin! It turned out really well I thought!

Carving away!

Bentley did not want to have his photo made but I forced him. He thinks he is in trouble in this photo poor guy! He got a treat for being a good sport!