Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celebration Dinner & Afternoon Swim

Once we found out that Adam had a job offer we headed up to mom and Jim's house for a celebration dinner!
Mom and worked on preparing the meal as Jim, Doug, and Adam talked in the living room and caught up on football. For just moving in a week ago their home feel like it is completely put together.
Mom and Jim decided for our special occasion they would open a bottle of bubbly! Adam and I really enjoyed sharing this with them! What a treat!
Cheers! The night continued and we all had such a good time.
The next day Adam and I took the dogs swimming again! Dexter fell in a few times and it scared him, poor guy. He spent the afternoon in my lap!
Our other dog however could not get enough of the pool! He and Adam enjoyed swimming together and tossing the ball around. We have some very spoiled puppies on our hands!

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  1. Your pictures make me so happy! I want to come visit. Now. Like, Right now.