Monday, October 4, 2010


Camping exceeded all of our expectations! We went camping this weekend with friends at Balch Park about a hour and half from our house. We drove up after the fall fun shoot so it was dark by the time we got to the camp site. When we woke up and got out of the tent this is what we saw!

The campsite ended up being further up the mountain than the zip code I typed into so needless to say it was MUCH colder than we packed for! Poor Adam donated much of his cloths to me for the weekend.

I am not sure if anyone has tried the campfire marshmallows but they are huge! They made the best smores in the world, but they were imposable to eat with out covering your face in gooey yummyness!

The 2nd day of our camping trip it rained after we had dinner so we spent the rest of the evening in the tent playing board games! I love Risk! Thank goodness we have a large tent, with 2 dogs and 4 people there was still plenty of room.

Saturday we were all at the pond fishing and it started to rain a bit. We decided to take a break for a picnic. Adam found a fun place for us to get out of the rain and eat lunch! We ate inside of a HUGE tree! How cool is that! The puppies ran all over the forest while we ate! Everyone had so much fun!

Ducks kept trying to eat our hooks our in the pond :(
Good news, we did not catch a duck.. only 5 fish!!

Everyone caught a fish, even me. I was not planning to catch anything. I just had a line with a hook our in the water, no pole or anything. Just sitting there chatting with the real fishermen and a bit. YIKES! Adam is holding my little catch. Opps.

Adams contribution to the fish fry! The boys prepared the fish they caught that day and had them for dinner!

This was such a pretty place to spend the weekend!
The air was cool and crisp! Nothing but nature for 26 miles! The trees were amazing! Coffee and bacon filled the air in the mornings. Peaceful day spent fishing. Everything was wonderful.
Since it was dark going up to the campsite Adam took some photos on the way back down to the valley. It was breath taking.
Every corner we turned Adam would say "I can't believe we live in such a beautiful place."

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  1. take me, take me!! next time..
    it looks like you guys are having a great time :)