Sunday, October 31, 2010

Golf Tournament

We went to a golf tournament that TJ Cross was hosting for all of the employees a couple three weeks ago. It was a great time and Kirstie's first true golfing experience! I'm glad that she had a good time, and I got my swing back after the first 9 holes. I was shanking them over the trees pretty bad before then though...

Here are some pictures of the course as well as some pictures of my boss' Ford GT. Me likey.

This was on the 18th hole as the sun was coming up that morning.
Check out that backswing! :)
Mackin' ain't easy.
Our team finishing out a hole.
Boss' Ride.
It's so pretty I'm gonna die!!


  1. That's one nice ride.
    (that's what she said)
    but really.. wow.
    (also that's what she said)