Monday, November 15, 2010

Dinner on the beach

I asked Adam yesterday what was one of his favorite thing about our honeymoon! He listed many but among one of his favorites was the night we had dinner on the beach with our toes in the sand. As most of you know Adam and I spent our honeymoon at Sandles Resort in Jamaica! We had a lovely time and enjoyed the all you can eat, drink, and fun activities you can handle (a little too much)!

More champagne please!

Every where we went there where photographers making us kiss for a photo.... well... I guess if we have to!!!
See our yummy dessert! Everything we ate was artistically placed on our plates!

After dinner Adam and I swam out to this floating platform and shared some MORE champagne! We look cool and collected in this photo but we swam out holding my dress and the champagne above our heads so they would not get wet. Not graceful to say the least. Just us in the middle of the ocean! (or 20ft off the coast)! But it was dark so it felt like the middle.

Happily Ever After!


  1. Wasn't it a little chilly swimming at night? Here is a funny story about kissing for cameras... At the thunder game on Sunday, the "Kiss Cam" finds what they think is a couple. This guy and gal were having a laugh together so I can totally see why they believed they were together. Well after a brief pause, and the woman giving him a strange look, the guy leans over to someone off camera and as the cameraman pans over he kisses (who we are guessing...and hoping is) his wife. It was a funny twist to the usual kiss cam dilema of two people who aren't quite at the kissing point of the relationship...or in this case, freinds (with no benefits). It was a good laugh.

  2. Way to drop the ball Kiss Cam guy!

    I love reminiscing on past memories! ((good ones anyway)).

    It makes my heart smile :)