Friday, November 5, 2010


Happy Halloween

Adam's pumpking is the one that is throwing up on the porch. The night that we actually had the trick or treaters come by he put the pumpkins insides falling out of the mouth. It was a boy pumpkin for sure! He carved his pumpkin with out any type of stencil! The rest of us cheated!

While we carved our pumpkins and roasted our pumpkin seeds we had 2 different types of pumpkin ale! They were delicious! Then we had pumpkin spice cake for dessert (thank you Zaelin for the recipe). With all the nutrition classes she has, many of which are cooking labs, she always has a fun recipe to share! So long story short we had pumpkin everything that night!

I made a Bentley puppy pumpkin! It turned out really well I thought!

Carving away!

Bentley did not want to have his photo made but I forced him. He thinks he is in trouble in this photo poor guy! He got a treat for being a good sport!

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  1. Your pictures just make me want to be in Cali even MORE. Every time.

    I had play time with Z this weekend! Took her out to Spicy Pickle for her birthday. We missed you guys!