Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wanted to share our beautiful Easter Sunday

Megan loves her ball.

Grandma (mom) reading Emily a book.

Look how cute these are. Sharon did such an amazing job decorating.

Sharon set a lovely table. Thank goodness the weather was beautiful. After we all ate the kids got to hunt easter eggs. So much fun!

Emily loved being pushed in the swing.

I had fun reading to the kiddos!

We had such a lovely time on Easter. Josie, Parish, Adam, and took a drive to Tulare! We went to church with my mom and Jim and got to watch Kevin play guitar. After church we had a wonderful meal and played with kiddos! It was so nice to be around family for this holiday!


  1. aw, such cute kids! looks like you all had an amazing time on sunday.

    23 days!

  2. This looks like so mcuh fun! :-) Beautiful table setteing too!