Friday, June 10, 2011

The San Diego Zoo

So for my birthday we went to San Diego for some animal seeing. It was a really good trip! We visited the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld and Safari Park. Those are all great places and there are tons of photos that have to be shown, so I'm going to break it down into three different posts. The first of the three was the San Diego Zoo. It's a HUGE zoo, and has top notch animals. :)

Here we are at the entrance of the zoo.

Kirstie is so excited about the zoo! As you can clearly tell.

This was the first guy we saw. Pretty cute. There were lots of people just standing around cooing at the 20 koalas sleeping in the trees in the exact same way.

He was just pacing at the edge of the concrete pit in the exact same pattern, just waiting to get out...

This guy was munching and just spotted me.

Panda baby!

These guys were quite nimble. I would be too if I had a tail that long.

He was 11 years old, but didn't look a day over 5.

Hungry hungry hippo.

Bagira says hello...

Big yawns for a big cat.

He's the spotter.

Feeding time for the giraffes.

A cheetah and her buddy. They train them to walk in pairs with dogs.

Polar bears do not eat carrots. They eat penguins and seals and other cute animals. This is false advertising.

This day was the first of three very fun days. We had a hard time seeing everything and we were there for the entire day from 9-5. It was a great first day! We couldn't wait to get off our feet, but we also couldn't wait for the next day... SeaWorld!

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