Monday, June 13, 2011

SeaWorld (San Diego Trip)

This was day two of our San Diego trip. We went to SeaWorld for a whole day and did everything from the kiddy ride roller coasters, which were all but exciting, to the amazing Shamu shows and dolphin dancing! All kinds of sea life was present, but there is no way I could show all the awesome photos we took. So here are just a few of the better ones...

The sea lions were the first stop. They had little bird friends which weren't scared to get in your business if you had anything to eat.

I was simply amazed at how choreographed these shows were...

Don't think you can see them all, but there's like 7 dolphins jumping there.

Couple thousand pounds of twisting Orca. He can dance.

This was the finale, just like a firework show.

Boatloads of fish must go to this place. Like fish conveyors into Orca mouth.

There were two, and this was the fatter, not quite as agile one. I like him better though 'cause he had a super hero cape.

Beluga whale in your face.

These guys really liked being pet.

What I wouldn't give to wrastle this guy.

Not photoshopped. Just green. I think. I dunno, I'm color blind.

He's a lot bigger than he looks, but there's no point of reference.

Oh to be an Orca.

We had a great time on day two of our San Diego adventure. I'm not sure how we managed to see everything again all in one day, but we did. We had lunches packed and ready to be eaten though so we didn't have to wait in any lines for food and all that stuff. Really fun!

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  1. Baaaaaaaaaaby Beluga, Baaaaaaaaaaaby Beluga....
    Any Full House fans in the Mikles' household?

    Looks like a blast!