Wednesday, April 18, 2012

November to April/ Eurotrip

Not many people can say they have done the following in between blog posts without writing something... anything at all.

  1. Travelling to Europe
  2. Buying a House
  3. Finding out in Europe you are HAVING A BABY
  4. Finding out it's a Boy
  5. Starting a Masters Program
  6. Buying a Car
  7. 2nd Anniversary
  8. Job Security
  9. Learning to Clean Your Own Pool
Anyway, I am going to try my best to get caught up with all of these things, starting with the top and working my way down. This might take a couple days, but I have decided it is time to kick-start this blog into action again.

For starters, Kirstie and I went to Britain, Ireland and France for a trip during Thanksgiving last year. It is one of the better times to go if your family won't choke you out for missing turkey, mostly because everyone else's family would choke them out if they did. For a little more than it would cost us to fly to Florida and see my mom we took a hop across the pond for a 10-day adventure through the European's backyards (not literally). Learned how to ride the Underground without getting lost, rode on a train that goes more than 150 MPH, and met a lot of nice people when I was expecting otherwise. Oh yeah, and the SITES!!! Enough talking, here are some of the better shots of the trip...

This was the first photo taken upon arriving to the UK.

Neat building in downtown London.

The Gherkin! I could never get all of it in the frame...

 The Eye. This was quite a ride. About 30 minutes to be exact.

 Big Ben & Parliament

The waterside of Parliament.

Tower Bridge. NOT London Bridge.

 I'm amazed at the architecture, and more importantly that everything still looks the way it does.

This looks a lot like the entrance to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory to me. Their secret yeast is well protected!

 They make a fine whiskey!

This was as close to Shepherd's Pie as I got in Dublin. Complete with a shot of Guinness!!

 Apparently a lot of drunk people fall over the low ledge and die in this river, but it's pretty at night at least.

 The Louvre!!! (Eurotrip)

 There's a hunchback swinging around in here still.

 Spiral staircase to the top of Arc de Triomphe.

Even Paris has traffic jams. Keep sippin' those Cappucinos.

 Tower de Eiffel.

It started raining right as we got there...

Night shots on the Arc de Triomphe.

This will officially be the tallest building in Europe once it's completed. Go Brits.

Downtown London from Tower Bridge.

Well that's that. The hard part of actually doing a new post is over... Yay.


  1. You're baaaaaack! That makes me insanely happy.

    1. stellar photos, as always
    2. kirstie looks so french with her beret and floral scarf
    3. looking forward to the next set of posts.

  2. not to be greedy, i'm super stoked you're back, but it's time for some baby updates! :)