Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Go West

This is our first post and we are quite excited about it. We have so much to say and well, I guess the typing could go on forever, but you all have things to do and places to be so we will just hit the highlights and call it good.
In a nut shell, we had a three day road trip in a three-seat
Budget van with the
two of us (Kirstie+Adam), Bentley, and our crazy new addition to the family, Dexter the Great Dane/German Shepard mix we rescued from the shelter just the day before we left. We understand "crazy" is the first word that pops into your head as you read this, but we believe if people say we're crazy we are on the right track. We seek spontaneous adventures, we pursue the road less traveled. It was once said in a movie, "if you're not living, you're dying" so here we are living life with two large hounds, too small
of a moving van, and 1500 miles between us and "home".

We aren't entirely sure what we are going to do when we get
there. No jobs waiting for us. One thing we do know, the first stop is the beach.


  1. Welcome to your NEW home! Glad you all made it safely.

    The Budget van photos is absolutely a framer. Yes?

  2. Hurray constant updates so i can feel like a real stalker!