Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pismo Beach

How cliche would it be to go to the beach on your first free day in California? Very. But we did it anyway.

We start off by winding through the foothills on approximately a two hour journey. But the landscape is pretty enough that you don't even notice the time go by. (Once you get past all of the oil fields and refineries.) When we were cruising through the foothills, just thankful that it wasn't in the cumbersome Budget van we rode in on, I realized that until we own a roadster or sports car of some sort the full pleasure of this cruise wouldn't be harvested. So we're putting that on the to-do list, or maybe just me. I don't know. :P

Upon reaching Pismo a cloudy haze greeted us. The town itself is pretty busy by the beach with plenty of great things to buy. One of the tastiest cinnamon rolls I have ever tried in my life is on that item list. I only wish I had my camera at the time to show you the gooey goodness, and it was only $3. That's hard to beat when it's so big you have to share it with someone. :) Our other highlight as far as great eats go was the edamame and 22 oz. Fat Tire (which we split) at Pier Side.

Honestly, taking our pups through the crowds at a busy lunch frenzy was excitement enough for the both of us. It's not easy keeping a 80lb. chocolate wrecking ball from knocking over small children and elderly people (no they don't all live in Florida).

When we made it to the beach it was quite
entertaining watching Bentley chase the tennis ball into the freezing surf with Dexter in tow stopping just short of the waves that would completely submerge him. That continued for quite some time before we noticed that Dexter was getting a little cold and running out of steam on this busy day.

It was a great first place to visit outside of Bakersfield. We had a great time and will return soon hopefully to see more of what Pismo has to offer.

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  1. i like your beach. i would like to frolic in it. soon...