Saturday, August 14, 2010

Keeping in Touch

Since Kirstie and I have moved here it has been a little heavy in the one on one time department. I'm all for QT, but from what I know about relationships, it's not healthy to only hang out with each other. So how do two people who know hardly anyone in a new place find friends to hang out with? I think once we get jobs, develop some connections and work friends we can start hanging out with people here, but until then really the only people we have met are my parents' ages or older. And let's face it, they just aren't suitable candidates for friends to hang out with on the weekend. :P With that being said, we have great family and friends, they are just 1500 miles (approximation :P) away from where we are which makes it hard to grab dinner or a movie and talk about life. So we decided to come up with a solution for our loneliness. It may be a tad selfish on our part, but I think that the willingness to try our solution will be reciprocated by our loved ones. :)
I've never really used Skype before until recently due to what I can describe as the equivalent of Kirstie and I being on the moon alone together with no one else to talk to in person. But I'm beginning to believe it is one of the better softwares ever created. It's used in many businesses to get deals hashed out and finalized, or just to talk to family or friends who are too far to see on a regular basis when you would like to keep in touch. We obviously use it for the latter, and hopefully soon we will be using it for the business approach at our new jobs. For now though, it is great seeing old faces and hearing old voices. Even if they are a little pixilated and choppy.

So if you have a Skype account and would like to
talk or video chat we are almost always willing to set time aside and have a convo with the people we know and love. We just got a webcam (Microsoft HD-5000) and we would like to break it in a little more. We have talked with a handful of people so far. It feels great for the both of us when we connect with the important people in our lives.


  1. i dont have skype. ill stick with a cell phone :)

  2. I find it hard to talk to you without seeing your faces :P I'm glad we Skype.