Thursday, August 12, 2010

Adios Green Machine...

So I sold my truck. I've had the little truck for 10 years now and it has served me well. We only have one vehicle right now. The whole reason I sold it was because of smog tests in CA. It would have cost a good deal of the trucks' worth to smog it and make it emissions legal. Anyway, here is a picture of it. I will miss the ol' green machine.

P.S. I made Kirstie a pretty sweet Bloody Mary this evening. If any of you want one you are more than welcome to stroll over for a drink. :)

Thanks to Jim for the neat glasses.


  1. Mmmmm- bloody marys are my favorite! That looks delish!

  2. I would totally be cool with bloody marys if it wasn't for the V8. So I guess Mary and I will never be friends.

  3. I want one! Think you could FedEx it?
    maybe UPS...