Monday, August 9, 2010

One Happy Pup

So Dexter is getting bigger. No surprise there, but I had no idea how good a dog he would be. He knows his name and is potty trained at this point and we have had him for a week and some change now. We are just thrilled that we made the decision to get him, regardless whether it was a crazy one or not. I hate to say it, but he obeys better than Bentley. Maybe just because he is such a chill dog. More importantly him and Bentley are a dynamic duo and they don't go anywhere without each other. They cruise the same paths in the backyard and are doing very well with the transition into a new home. Anyway, I just wanted to express how happy we are with Dexter and we hope that the family and friends get to see him at least a couple times before he is all grown up and loses his super-cuteness. :) Here are some pics to melt your hearts...

Dexter and Kirstie getting some water on a hot walk.
After the first swimming episode. Not liking the water yet...
On the trip to CA. He was a tired puppy, which is good for how packed it was in the truck. :)

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