Friday, August 6, 2010

Yet another move...

So my mom (Starlyn) asked if we would mind borrowing a trailer from her friend, packing up a few of her things (grand piano, couches, bed), and moving them to Tulare. Her and her husband Jim recently bought a new house and are moving in this weekend. Adam and I spent the morning loading up the trailer, packing boxes, and working out dog situations. Later we took the trailer and all of its contents and unloaded it into their huge 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom new home. We were only in Tulare for an hour before we left. Stopped by the market to grab some things for dinner and make some spicy veggie chili. Moving Jim from his home starts tomorrow at 9 so Adam and I will be getting up early to load up the trailer again with the second load of stuff to be in Tulare at 9.

We were talking about web cams
today and we're considering in investing in one. We were curious as to whom would be interested in Skyping/video chatting with us on a regular basis. We
are just trying to see if this investment would be worth while.



  1. Kirstie: Whose house is in this picture? Is it Jim and Starlyn's new house or her old house/your new one? Just's spectacular whoever lives there!!

  2. This is Adam. It is their new house they just bought. And it is quite spectacular.

  3. It looks like a great place to have Christmas for the whole family. I say forget this Wisconsin business! My vote is California.