Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I got a job!

Let me tell you how it happened. One of the owners of TJ Cross (the company Adam works at) invited Adam and I over to his house for dinner for the sole purpose of finding out what I would like to do and use his connections to get me a job! We enjoyed a lovely dinner with him and his wife. We discussed my history and where I would like to go in life. It was a very positive dinner. Of course I mailed Kent and his wife a thank you note for having us over. Well three weeks went by and I heard nothing from him, but did not give up yet!
I plan to make home made cinnamon rolls while we are in New Mexico for thanksgiving. The recipe makes about 60 rolls! Since I had never made them before I decided to try it out and send most of the rolls to work with Adam along with a little note. We baked for most of the day and ended up with some beautiful (too yummy for words) cinnamon rolls!

Yep, that is a wine bottle wrapped in wax paper on the upper left! I need a rolling pin for Christmas!

Mmmmm! Home made maple icing!

Well, I sent the rolls to work with Adam on Wednesday and got a lovely little e-mail from Kent the same day! He said he thought he knew of a job for me with Chevron but if they did not contact me in the next week or so to hire me he was going to have Stuart (another owner of TJ Cross) call me and work out a time to come in for an interview with them! The next day (Thursday) I get a call from Stuart and he wants me to come in for an interview on Friday! Thrilled I say of course I will be there. He goes on to say to dress casual (??what??) and that he got hired in boots and jeans! I normally have a beautiful cream skirt suit I like to wear to interviews so I am unsure of what to wear. After trying on everything I own and skyping with Sam and my dad to get their opinion, I ended up in dark jeans, nice top, cream jacket (top to the suit I just mentioned), and heels. I was so nervous about going to an interview in JEANS! However, it worked out. Stuart was in jeans along with everyone else I talked to that day. He offered me the job on the spot! My official title is going to be Project Assistant. What I am going to do is when we get a job I set a start and end date along with a budget. Then using a few complicated programs that I know nothing about I set mini goals for the Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Chemical Engineers, and so on. Right now I am not sure what the difference is between any of these jobs and the many more I am going to deal with but I guess I will figure it out. It sounds right up my ally, scheduling, organizing, managing the budget! I really look forward to starting this job on Monday the 29th! Adam and I went out for a game of pool to celebrate!
This is the "I just got a job" shot!
We enjoyed the live band and had fun people watching! I will let you know how my first day of work goes on Nov 29th!