Monday, November 22, 2010

Adam's (new to him) car!

Sorry this post is so late.
A few weeks ago Adam's dad drove out this Camro for Adam. This is the 2nd car he has ever owned in his life! Needless to say he was very excited. We had a lovely time with David while he was here, however, we only managed to snap one photo at LAX before he got on his plane. It was so nice to see him while he was here and he was a HUGE help getting the car registered and smoged.

So here it is! Everyday since Adam has started work I try to ask what his hi and low of the day were. Since he bought this car his hi has consistently been driving this to work and home!
Since we now are a two car family and we have a two car garage we thought it only made since to clean out the garage so that we could park both cars in there! It took most of the day and now the attic is packed, however both cars are in! We still have some work we need to do on the garage but we will save that for another day!
After Josie and I dropped David off at LAX we thought we would grab lunch on the Sana Monica Peer! We had a fun afternoon of playing on the outdoor equipment, lunch and drinks on the peer, and walking in the sand! This beach is only about 5 minutes away from LAX so there is no excuse not to go see it when we drop off or pick up someone from the airport! In fact yesterday Adam and I were back at this beach after a drop off at LAX!
I heart California!

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