Friday, November 19, 2010

Job Interview!

Well friends and family. . . it has happened. . . the long awaited job interview. Would you believe that this job interview that I have today at 3:00 is not any of the job that I have filled out 123 applications for since being in California?! Its not even a place that I have considered working since my lovely husband got a job there, but yes. . . job interview #1 is with TJ Cross! One of the owners of TJ Cross, Kent Haley, had Adam and I over to his home a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of finding out more about me and pushing me in the direction of a career! Very nice of him to take Adam under his wing like he has. Well, he calls me on Wednesday and told me that he thinks he found a job for me with Chevron as a Cost Controller and said that he was going to try to push my resume to them. Later on that day I get an e-mail from Kent that says if nothing happens with Chevron in a few days that he would like to bring me into TJ Cross for an interview as a Project Manager. On Thursday I get a call from another owner of TJ Cross Stewart, asking if I can make it into the office tomorrow (today) at 3:00 for an interview and to meet the team!
Adam and I are both very excited about this opportunity and I am looking forward to discussing the pro's and con's of this job during my interview today. See, I have foolishly purchased a nonrefundable non exchangeable ticket to Oklahoma for December 12th and will not be retuning to California until the 29th! If I do get this job I might have to forgo that ticket and buy a new (probably a lot more expensive) ticket. On the positive side I would be employed, and this job starts of as a part time job which would allow me time to get used to the working world again. Adam and I are both very excited to see what happens with this interview. I will keep everyone posted!


  1. YAY!!!! Sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way :) You're gonna rock it. And don't worry about the tickets. God's gotta plan!

    ((oh, the power of the cinnamon rolls!))

  2. CONGRATS, kirstie! you're probably driving to your interview right now, so i'm sending good vibes your way!

  3. SOOOOOO happy for you!!! I know you'll do great. :) Hey and maybe you can sell the ticket on craigslist or something?( but I still want you to come if you can!!!) Love you LOTS!!

    I knew you would do great :) Now you are a wifey and a worker and an all around AWESOME California!!!!!!!