Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Beretta

So we did Christmas a little earlier than usual with Jim and Starlyn this year, actually I can't say that. Because we never have had a Christmas together like we did this year just the 4 of us. Anyway, it will be hard to compare as far as presents go on my end. This story starts about 3 months ago when we all volunteered for an API event called the Fall Fun Shoot. I really was just excited to be around some guns a learn a little more about shooting in general. So when I was toting the shooters up in golf carts on one of the longer, more difficult stretches between zones I would ask them questions about their guns, when they had started shooting, tips, etc. Because some of these guys were really good they would give elaborate answers, and others were just pissed they had to walk around for more than a mile so I didn't get much out of them. Long story short is, the day had sparked my interest to get a more "recreational" gun than the one I have now which is a Mossberg 500 with a 18.5" barrel (not good for shooting skeet or trap at all).

When it got down to raffles and eating for the day there was much excitement about who was going to get what. The big raffle tickets weren't cheap, but neither were the prizes so the fundraiser made a lot of money in general. Which is a good thing. :) I was shocked to hear that Starlyn had won! Not knowing which gun to pick, or there was even a $750 gift card to Valley Gun, Kirstie looked at me and for some reason I shouted out, "Get the Beretta shotgun!" So she did and that was that. Starlyn didn't get to take it home that day for obvious reasons of registering and the works, but I was excited for her. So one day we were driving to Tulare to visit them and I asked Kirstie what Starlyn ended up doing with the shotgun she had won. She gave some elaborate story (which was really too good, I'm gonna have to keep an eye on that girl) about how they were in a new tax bracket and they were going to donate it to get some of that money back. See, way too good. Not thinking anything of it I started looking for guns, of course finances get in the way of that sometimes... or always, whichever. So I stopped looking because every time I talked about it Kirstie gave me the big-eyes stare, which without a doubt means, "REALLY???". Enough said.

So when Christmas rolled around and wrapped in a very light box was an envelop that contained the gift card for the shotgun I was more than shocked... again. I went to the store, got the process going asap, and brought my new toy home with me! Unfortunately, it is rainy this weekend, but I will find some time very soon to take it out and get familiar with it. Ahem, in the safest way possible of course.


Beretta A391 3.5 Xtrema Semi-Auto


  1. in the spirit of christmas....