Sunday, March 20, 2011

Murder Can Be Habit-Forming

One of the more time consuming things we have done as of late is the Black Gold Productions performance, which raises funds for the American Cancer Society as well as API. This was a fun even that Kirstie and I both had a role in. While her part was more exposed than mine, I like to think they were equally as important. She was one of the lead characters, and damsel in distress (naturally) and I worked the sound cues from the booth up top. There were 5 performances in all, some better than others, but it was always a good time with these guys and girls!

Here is a view of the stage and all the cast.

Some nights were busier than others, and everyone laughed/gasped at different parts of the show, which made it different every night for us. (Which was nice!)

After this year, I'm guessing they have raised a little over $270,000 from tickets, etc in the last 12 years, which I'm sure is a great feeling for some of the veterans of the play.

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