Monday, March 21, 2011

Skiing/Snowboarding w/ the Rents

My parents came the last weekend of the play to see Kirstie's brilliant performance, as well as try their hand at skiing for the first time ever! They were both pretty excited about it, and with some slopes just an hour away from the house it was hard to refuse getting back on my board. Last time I was on it was Ryan's bachelor party trip, which the slopes were a little longer there I might add. This is a perfect place to go if you are into terrain parks, or are just learning the basics. As for myself I tried a couple jumps with success, and was okay with that until the next time we go.

The resort we visited is called Alta Sierra. It was fairly minimalist, but has all the essentials.

Kirstie just as we were starting. She had a great time watching my parents learn I think.

I'm not sure who that awesome dude is.

My parents as they were waiting on their 85 year old instructor, he was very awesome from what I hear though. :)

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take any pictures or video of the action because my camera died, but I suspect we will be back soon to get some more snowboarding in. Hopefully before the next season!

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