Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Drag Racing @ Famoso Raceway

There are lots of tracks in the area, and I must see them all. We went to a drag strip called Famoso Raceway. There were a decent amount of cars, unfortunately I think there were more cars that people at this particular event. It was extremely casual. So casual in fact that I walked right out onto the staging lanes to take photos of the cars about 10 feet from them as they blasted down the track. Kirstie didn't want to come with so I ventured out on my own for some shots. It was a really good time!

Beer and cars. Or is it beers and car...

This one had show and go. 7.5 sec. @ stupidfast MPH.

Wheelie shots!

Burn outs!

Moar burnouts!

I would like to go back again soon. I think there are some good races coming up in the fall and I can't wait to get some good photos of the pros.

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  1. Remember when you took me to my first drag races? You keep on sharing the love!