Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kern River Trip With the Parents!

Last time Adams parents were out to visit we took a trip up Kern River to a brewery for lunch and then to the hot springs. It was a fun trip and we all had a great time. Here is dad playing at the park!

Mom rocked the monkey bars! We stopped at a park to play!
The mouth of the river. This is about 15 minutes from our house, lucky us!
Josie and Parish joined us for the day! We really enjoy traveling with them! More blogs about that to come....
Adam was quite the photographer as usual. Taking photos of all the action and everything beautiful. Thank goodness he has that passion. If it were up to me we would not have very many photos and definitely not as good of quality! I love my husband and his photo taking skills!

We all had lunch at the Kern River Brewery. It turned out to be craft beer week so we all got to try beers we had never experienced before. Sour beer was a first for many but most liked it.
It was such a beautiful drive and day. We stopped at the hot springs to all take a dip. Several of us had never been to a hot springs. Turns out the river was so high due to all the melting snow in the mountains that the hot springs were actually under water! No hot springs for us that day, but we had a fun hike anyway.
Adam did not want to smile for any photos because of the bandage on his head. We were lucky to get this one!
The river was really quick this day. Maybe next time we visit the river it will be slow enough to raft down!
We had such a lovely trip up the Kern River and time with the parents! Can't wait to see them again on the 4th of July!

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