Thursday, June 2, 2011

Old Friends in a New Place

A couple weeks ago we had a great time with Ryan and Kendra. They came out to California to see some of the sites and hang with us. I'm really glad they made it! Five days of awesomeness. Thanks to much planning and Google Docs.

The first night they got here we went straight to Santa Monica and had some fun on the beach.

This mound was once inhabited by a seagull.

Now it is inhabited by a Kendra.

We all like a little sand in our toes every now and then.

We had a great walk along the beach. Good times!

We went to Avila Beach and had some photo ops!

Awkward couples are awkward. :P

After we got done with the beach we went to Jim and Starlyn's house for some good hot tubbing and movies!

In the Sequoia National Forest we knocked over this tree and claimed it our own. Victors!

These guys are pretty cool. Just sayin.

We are so glad that we got the chance to show them around Bakersfield, the beach and the mountains. Hopefully we will get more visitors soon! Free board. That has to count for something right?

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