Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It occurred to me this morning that Adam and I have shared photos of our neighbor's back yard, and of mom and Jim's new home, but we have never posted a photo of our house. Well, the house my mom is letting us rent from her until we figure out where our jobs are going to be! So this is it for now, home sweet home. It is still full to the ceiling of my mom's things. They just got done cleaning out Jim's place and plan to take her things with her next week. We will be excited to have the house empty.
One thing that Adam and I really do enjoy about where we live right now is the fresh produce. Bakersfield is nestled at the very tip of the San Joaquin Valley. Since so much water flows through here there is an abundance of crops. When we go to the market almost everything is labeled locally grown. Following the guidelines of simple economics due to the large supply of fresh produce the demand is low making everything unexpectedly inexpensive. We were not expecting this because everyone talks about how expensive California living can be. We have decided that when people say this, they can't be talking about fresh fruits and vegetables. This is our dinner last night by the way! Adam had some spicy chicken sandwiches and I had a nice salad with vegetables and egg whites with a sun-dried tomato vinaigrette. It was wonderful.

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