Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Diners/ Road Trip

One of the cool things about taking trips are the small towns in between where you are and where you're going to. These were some of the mom and pop kind of places we stopped at on the way from Bakersfield to an attraction. Nelda's was on the way to Lake Isabella and the Jack Ranch Cafe was a neat James Dean tribute diner. They both had really good food! Even for the vegetarians. :)

We stopped a lot of times along the way from the lake, to a small town where the Kern River ran through it. Dad and I had a beer while the girls shopped/looked for us when they were done. It was a fun trip we made at the end of their stay in Bakersfield with us.

Kirstie on a steep slope leading to the river.

The Kern passing through the mountains to Bakersfield. This was one of the first stops we made as we got out of town.

Lake Isabella

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